5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 3rd Annual Content Marketing Retreat

There’s that moment in a pitch when you have to cut through all the B.S. That moment when all the stats, conversion rates, and potential calls to action stop meaning anything to your audience. That moment when the CEO simply raises her hand, leans in and asks “Yeah, but why should we spend that much money on video?”

I’ve got the white papers and a quiver full of answers for that one. Answers that do speak to ROI and marketing efficiencies and moving the bottom-line. But instead of going there, I take a step back and ask this:

“Why do you get out of bed every morning?”

That’s the key. That’s the crux. Because being able to communicate passion – the same passion that gets CEO’s out of bed – is what good marketing to customers is all about. And nothing drives that stronger than film and video.

That’s why The 3rd Annual Content Marketing Retreat is important to your bottom line. And sure, I’ll be speaking there, but here’s 5 much more important reasons why you should attend:

5) Keyboard Cat videos are great. But telling your story is even greater.
4) You’ll learn the essential of Strategic Video Storytelling to drive good marketing, PR, customer service and other vital communications.
3) You’ll walk away with clear insights and actionable steps that can be used today.
2) If you enter the code ‘Chris25’at the EventBrite Checkout, you’ll get 25% off your tickets. (Yes, we want to also make your accountants happy.)
1) Conversion. Conversion. Conversion.

By 2014, Forrester predicts that 90% of all online transactions will be driven in part by video. So take the leap. Join us for an immersive and completely rewarding conference geared to telling stories. Your stories.

Let’s Roll,



Author: Chris Donaldson

Chris Donaldson is Executive Producer at HCFmedia. Can film making change the world? The Short Answer: Yes.