What makes actors great.

As a director, probably my favorite thing is working with great actors. There is nothing better than an actor who brings enthusiasm, charm, excitement, and innovation to a role. Actors who see what is written on the page merely as a notion of what their character might become. Then, they grow it. They own that one part of the production and take it all the way – on their own. Amazing.

One of these actors is Michael Mitchell. Michael originally was from Bellingham, but then made the big move to Seattle to get more acting work – good idea! We have been lucky enough to work with Michael on a few different productions. He did a great turn for us as the “Entrepreneur” in one of my favorite spots for Saturna, and then most recently, he worked with Caleb on “You Go Through Vladimir” for Mackie.

Attached is a little video that Michael did for us in preparation for that role that really shows off why he’s so great. He makes these little vids for us all the time. This one shows him trying on different warddrobe. But note how much fun he makes it. How he starts giving us peeks into his character. He likes to show us how he’s working through the gears on it – it’s all right there for us to talk about and get ideas going. It’s just a beautiful thing, and a great way to use technology when we’re not always in the same place to do this stuff.

Here’s to you Michael – and we’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of you! Watch this video and get me.


Author: Max Kaiser

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