“We Don’t Have a Divine Right to People’s Attention”

Recently, in Adweek, Global CCO of Leo Burnett Advertising, Mark Tutssel, commented in a video about what judges were looking for in the awarding of the 2013 Clio Awards (awards given to the best tv ads) this year.

Tutsell made his strongest point about the fact that, "We don't have a devine right to people's attention." And that, "connecting with people has never been easier because of technology, but connecting with people emotionally is harder than ever – because there is so much information."

"The work that we saw that was great was work that credited people with intelligence, that invited them into the communication, that gave them something fo rtheir airtime, and rewarded them accordingly," said Tutssel.

And finally, "Distillation is the order of the day. Destill your ideas down to a very clear, concise information."

These are all great points from the top of the industry about what makes great ads, and furthermore, marketing. Connect emotionally. Connect quickly. And connect concisely. AND – be sure to entertain people.

This is information that I would love to see more corporations take to heart when making a film for themselves. Forget about all of the details that are better handled in a website. If you want to really connect, entertain – and go for the heart.


Author: Max Kaiser