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In a great new post on Forbes’ web site, Rob Siltanen, chairman and chief creative offices at Siltanen & Partners, explains how the famous Apple “Think Different” campaign originated.

Rob, who was with TWBA/Chiat/Day at the time, claims he wrote the article to set the record straight since in the recent biography by Walter Isaacson (you know the one that EVERYONE is carrying around), Jobs is reported to have masterminded the campaign wholly by himself. Rob lets us know that it was he and his team at TWBA/Chiat/Day that actually dreamt it all up and Jobs only approved it.

It is a great insider story, and you should take a moment to read it.

However, I think the real point here for me, as part of a creative company, is that regardless of who came up with it, the fact is Jobs had the balls to do it. This is what it is all about if you ask me. What is the holy grail of advertising? Connection. Here’s how you get it…

Taking a Chance + Inspired Creative = Connection

What I am saying is that it is great that the boys as the creative house came up with such a great idea, but I don’t think the article gives nearly enough credit to Jobs for say, “hell, let’s do it.”

Here’s the actual exchange from the post: (Jobs talking after shown the concept)

“I’m an egotist, and putting the Apple logo up there with all these geniuses will get me skewered by the press.” The room was totally silent. The “Think Different” campaign was the only campaign we had in our bag of tricks, and I thought for certain we were toast. Steve then paused and looked around the room and said out loud, yet almost as if to his own self, “What am I doing? Screw it. It’s the right thing. It’s great. Let’s talk tomorrow.” In a matter of seconds, right before our very eyes, he had done a complete about-face.

I can’t tell you how many amazing ideas we’d see out there if the people that push the buttons on these things, the people that pay for the campaigns, where just more willing to go with their gut and not their brain sorting through all of the reasons NOT to do something. People don’t buy that much with their brain, they buy because they WANT and they FEEL something is right. To get a connection to those places, you have to make a leap – and you have to have a place worth leaping to.

Everytime we have a truly amazing product walk out our door it is because someone like Jobs took a chance. Sure, we may have put some great creative in front of them, but instead of saying “yeah…but” they just stopped at the “yeah” and looked forward to where the ride was going to take them.

So, next time you have the opportunity, and you have some great creative in front of you, all you people who pay for campaigns, take a chance – and make a connection.


Author: Max Kaiser

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