Nonprofit Fundraising Done Right: Northwest Kidney Centers

In early November, Northwest Kidney Centers hosted its annual Discovery Gala to support kidney research. The fundraising results were unprecedented.

“The event was a huge success. We raised the most money to date … The Raise-the- Paddle was very successful and the video was very well received. We are very pleased with the video production and enjoyed the experience and the whole production crew – a really great staff!” – Jane Pryor, Vice President of Development and Public Relations, Northwest Kidney Centers

Northwest Kidney Centers garnered $691,000 from the event overall. Immediately following the video presentation by HCFmedia, Northwest Kidney Centers offered attendees the opportunity to make gifts to meet a $145,000 match. The match goal was exceeded, with gifts of $183,000! If you’ve been following along through our nonprofit blog series, this is a classic case of event fundraising done right.

Feel free to check out the video we produced for Northwest Kidney Centers here:

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Author: Matthew Sutherland