Two New “Down Home” Spots for PeaceHealth

Hey all, just dropping two new spots just completed for JAYRAY, an agency down in Tacoma. See the first one above – here's the second one...

These were produced to help PeaceHealth in Longview and Vancouver distinguish their local care and values from other non-local insurance providers. 

JAYRAY – and in particular Shari Campbell – provided the concept and script. 

Basically, after visiting this area on a tech scout the week before the shoot I felt that this could really use a "down-home" treatment. So I referenced a recent Chevy ad – "Strong" – that had a bunch of heart to it. We went after that vibe in the style of our shots and simple, hand-held setups. We also decided to mix traditional building shots from the jib with drive-by shots of the hospitals to make them more authentic and feel like what you might feel driving by. We accomplished these drive by shots by sticking our fearless cameraman Kent Colony either out of the roof of my car, or from the window of the production van. Here's a pic..


We shot both spots on location over 2 days. The spots were tight, but Unit Production Manager Alex Stowe got us up in time, and kept us all shooting on-time, and on budget. The weather co-operated, too, which was nice. 

Down-home dobro-master Mike Grigoni who did the music for my first film, "Dinghy", did the music (but no dobro, alas!), and I wound up being the voiceover voice. 

We had a great crew with regulars Diego key gripping and Cam-the-man on DIT and AC. Thanks to all who helped make these spots quick and sweet. Hope they are effective for you PeaceHealth!!

Author: Max Kaiser

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