This is Rupert

Great meeting today. Thanks for that. As promised, here are some links of our latest work. The goal is always two-fold: to create some seriously good work that moves the needle for your clients, and to create a high-margin offering for you guys. Let's roll this thing. 

Mackie Speakers: This Gold ADDY Award winner announced the launch of their revolutionary DLM 2000 speakers. Launched at CES and carried across all their press, marketing and sales initiatives. Hand Crank Films responsible for all aspects of production.



Superfeet Outdoor Retailer 2013: This piece was the cornerstone of their new brand and website launch at the most important tradeshow event of the year. 



Whatcom Transit Authority: Two television spots with associated $50,000 media buy that we created to help frame 'a new story' around taking public transit. By helping change the 'image' surrounding bus travel in particular, we were able to directly affect ridership in a positive way. Hand Crank Films responsible for all aspects of production. 



McNett: Another Gold ADDY® for this piece, lanched at Outdoor Retailer and the cornerstone of all marketing and PR efforts. Want to know the ROI? Ask us. 



The Vanishing Ice Exhibit: The following piece was created to promote an important art exhibit in the Pacific Northwest centered around global warming and it's environmental implications. 



Overlake Hospital: Hand Crank Films was privileged to work with advertising agency JAYRAY Communications to produce this spot for Overlake Hospital to help raise a record breaking $750,000+ for their foundation, shown during their annual fund-raising luncheon. This piece uses a narrative approach to tell this true story, with original music by Barry Uhl.



Thanks so much for your time. Let's roll this thing!