Goal: Define ˜What Does Success Look Like to You?” Learn the ˜story behind your objectives: The opportunities, the challenges, how best to communicate with your audience. Begin to define concepts in collaboration with you.

This process looks something like this:

[toggle_box title=”Initial Client Meeting”] Understanding the solution to your current issues – how can we help you today
Who’s your audience?
How will success be measured?

What other media buys or marketing are you doing?

What is the timeline?

What is the budget?

How have you worked with previous partners/vendors? What is the right solution for you?

What was a successful past project?

What work inspires you?

Next up: the Proposal and Estimate.

[/toggle_box] [toggle_box title=”Submit Proposal/Estimate”]Our detailed proposal includes:
Description of our approach
Who the key players are (Director, Producer, Project Manager, etc)
Rough timeline
Your Approval of the project at every level

Next up: First Steps to Production (Pre-Production)

[/toggle_box] [toggle_box title=”First Steps Towards Production”]Creative Brief
A paragraph description of project
Target audience
How this project meets your needs

Once we give us the greenlight, we schedule a Project Kickoff meeting to set things in motion.[/toggle_box]


And then, on to DEVELOP…