The Power and Financial Sense of “Evergreen” Production Quality

I remember when I bought my first Sony TV many years ago. I was excited because I knew I had gotten something that would last. My grandfather (the one that inadvertently got me started in this business) still used his old Sony’s from 20 years early – as video editing monitors because the picture was so good. There was a feel and look to the thing that just said – this is going to last.

20 years on we only just recently retired that TV after using what had been a home set to test DVDs because the picture quality was so high and consistent. I got much, much more than my money’s worth from the thing.

Apple computers are the same way. We still use machines we bought here 5 or 6 years ago for production work, right along side the latest machines.

When we set out to create a film here at Hand Crank, we set out to create something that is going to last and last, and always be a pleasure to behold – like a Sony or an Apple. Sure, one can make something cute and clever with a flip camera in an afternoon. Someone can piece together some stock imagery and make a quick point on something. We are looking way beyond that. That is disposable media. We looking to make pieces that will stand the test of time proudly for our clients. Something they will use for years in their marketing,that will arouse pride in employees, and when they retire the piece, something they’ll be able to look back on proudly as marking an important period in their company’s growth – a timeline marker.

Also, our Evergreen productions are meant to be able to branch out. Many of our clients use stills from stuff we shoot to make posters, billboards, magazine ads. Shooting on the RED means you’re getting image quality for EACH FRAME that rivals a still photo from a professional film camera. And it is more than just the image quality – our clients use the creative we work with them on to span across magazine, web, and print campaigns as well.

So, when you’re looking at putting together a video piece consider carefully what all the parts are going to add up to, how long you are going to be using it, and what it REALLY means to your company.

I know it can get old, us telling you why we do what we do. I promise not to have too many blog posts about this. But, what can we say, it sometimes helps to remind ourselves why we work so hard to make our product the way it is!


Author: Max Kaiser

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