Content Branding Video Campaign Solution

You’re looking to not only get the most amazing, emotionally-compelling, and share-able film you can, you’re also looking to maximize your investment in your media – and to develop an incredible content branding campaign that you can roll out over weeks of blogposts, Facebook posts, etc.  The Hand Crank Films’ Content Branding Video Campaign Solution does just that!

With our solution, you’re able to shoot for only or two days, and walk away with up to 20 different pieces of content ready to use in blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But that’s only the beginning – you can also use in print, on billboards, or on television – all for only slightly more than the cost of just one shoot! Because its was all shot as part of the same campaign, the line look is the same, the characters are the same, and you don’t spend a lot of extra time and money on scheduling, photographers, extra talent, etc.

See below for how the Content Branding Video Campaign works.

How To Make More Share-Able Content for Less

The Flagship Film

This is the main film of your campaign. It’s what you point all of your people to. It’s what goes on the front page of your website. This film carries all of the emotional impact, and the heart of your message.

Running time: 3.5-4.5 Minutes

The Drill-Down Films

These films break down your message into smaller chunks. They are cut from material of the Flagship film. These films might focus on one aspect of your organization. These are good for specific website pages, specific marketing campaigns, and email outreach on a specific topic. These films tend to be more nuts-and-bolts oriented.

Running time: 1-1.5 Minutes

The Sciences at St. Paul’s School

The Arts at St. Paul’s School

The Interviews

These films include just interviews from specific interviewees that were shot on the same days as your flagship film.

Running time: 1 Minute (each film)

The Teacher Perspective

The Parent’s Outlook

What a Child Sees

Hearing from the Gang

The Photos

Thanks to the extraordinary high quality of the RED EPIC camera which we shoot on exclusively, you can use any still image from your shoot for photos of amazing quality and proportion. Think full-page magazine ads and billboards! So cancel the photography budget, and take yourself out to dinner – for about 3 weeks!

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