Tacoma Power

The following samples represent the kind of work we can accomplish for the "Know Your Energy" campaign.

Vital Choice: Interviews and case studies discussing the benefits of a good diet in the context of today's busy world. 



Huxley College of the Environment: This ADDY Award winner speaks to the importance of proper community planning and sustainability in the 21st Century and beyond. 



Cool Moms: This piece was commissioned to encourage better health in our school children by minimizing exposure to car exhaust.





CHI – OneCare: Used to promote the roll-out of this important program across over 10,000 employees. 






Overlake Hospital: This ADDY Award winner highlights the 'Overlake Difference' in a new and unique way, and was repsonsible was spearheading a $500,000 capital campaign initiative for the foundation. 



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