Skagit County- A beautiful place to call home

Skagit County: a beautiful place, full of diversity, and set in some of the Northwest’s most pristine land. It’s the perfect setting for a story. Whether it’s a true account about the life saving work of Overlake Hospital or a fictitious narrative demonstrating the versatility of Mackie loud speakers in a zombie apocalypse, at Hand Crank Films we find your story and capture it in a way that will captivate your audience.

But how does telling stories help you? Done correctly, each story can drive tremendous results. Take a look at some of the stories we’ve told and see how they helped meet and even surpass some large goals:

The following is a piece we filmed for CAIR as part of their PR push to initiate a dialogue of tolerance on the anniversary of 9/11. It was featured on MSNBC, FOX, CNN, the front page of Yahoo, and generated well over 1 MILLION impressions in 48 hours.

Saturna Capital used this 30 second TV commercial as part of their integrated marketing campaign focused on the launching of a new investment endeavor. It helped to increase investor sign-up by over 50 PERCENT.

Mackie Speakers employed Hand Crank Films to create a piece used as part of their B2B marketing. It targeted distributors and retail partners of Mackie products to create excitement around their new product line. This project succeeded in spades, resulting in more new orders than any product to date.

JayRay and Hand Crank Films teamed up to create this narrative piece used as a fundraising aid for Overlake Hospital. It helped to raise over $500,000, exceeding their goal by more than $100,000.

The following is a piece shot in association with the City of Tacoma and Pierce County used as a marketing piece to draw tourism and highlight some of the area’s appealing features.

4 different videos that varied in length, content, distribution, and audience. What do they have in common? They were all used to drive results and bring about change. And they all succeeded incredibly.

At Hand Crank Films, we’re expert at one thing: Telling stories. Your story. So that the content we create helps you meet and exceed your requirements while connecting with audiences. Clients include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Safeway, Outdoor Research, Western University, the University of Washington, Mackie Loudspeakers, Unilever and many more.

So let’s talk more about how we can help. Thanks.