Simply Beautiful. What it Means.

I searched around for something to sort of sum up what we want HCFmedia to be all about. All the marketing stuff says you should have something like this, but I wasn’t so sure. Was it just an unnecessary appendage to our name? Isn’t it all about simplifying just down to the brand logo/name these days?

At one point, though, the idea of “Simply Beautiful” came to me. It summed up what I’ve always wanted our company to be about. First and foremost, we are simple. We want to be simple to work with. Simple to price. Simple to execute a project in conjunction with. Furthermore, we want the feel of each of our productions to be simple. We don’t want complicated storylines, or to allow powerpoint-type information pieces in the door. People are too busy for that, we want simple, direct stories that people can digest quickly and pleasantly.

And now for the beautiful. Pretty much, this explains itself. Every shot, every text treatment, every decision needs to lead us to a more beautiful product. The more beautiful we can make our product for the customer, the more people will connect with their simple story. People like beauty – they are attracted to it, and they will watch it. Also, it is more fun and fulfilling to make beautiful things.

After it ran around in my head a bit, I shared it with a few people here at HCFmedia. Initially, people were skeptical, Caleb said – “I think it is somewhat arrogant.” The more I thought about this, it made me like it even more. Suddenly I realized Simply Beautiful wasn’t just a slogan to tell people about us in two words, it was something to live up to for all of us. It was a standard for each of our directors and editors and visual fx designers to live up to with every bit of work they do. Every time they are framing a shot – “is it Simply Beautiful”? Every time we put a product together for a customer – “is it simple? Will it make a beautiful production”?

A very good photographer friend of mine once told me that “Genius is doing one thing well.” I’d like us to make the very best films in the world. I’d like them to be Simple and Beautiful because I think that will get us there. So that is what this all about. To see more on this, visit Who We Are.


Author: Max Kaiser

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