Sample Letter in Support of SB 6027

Sample letter – change as you see fit. And many thanks.



This Wednesday, Senator Andy Hill (R, 45) has scheduled a hearing for SB 6027 in the Senate Ways and Means Committee at 3:30 pm.  SB 6027 is the Washington Senate Bill that increases Washington state’s motion picture and film industry viability by increasing the tax credit available to certain motion picture activities.

It is a business imperative that you support SB 6027 for a few simple reasons:

  • For every $1 we invest in film, we generate $10 in economic boosts for our communities.
  • The film incentive has generated over 14,000 family wage jobs since it began.
  • Last year alone, we turned away almost $60 million in economic activity due to lost business opportunities as a result of our insufficient cap size (currently at $3.5 million, compared to $10 million for Oregon and $200 million plus for BC).
  • The incentive kicks in only AFTER the money has been spent in-state – and is thus a proven economic driver.

 The question is really quite simple:  Wouldn’t we rather keep these jobs in-state rather than export them? SB 6027 is a money multiplier. It’s good for the taxpayers, your legislative record, and the communities you serve. To that end, let’s support SB 6027, and make it a win/win for everyone.

I encourage you to watch our film about SB 6027 here (1:48 in length):

Thanks much for your time. It is greatly appreciated.