I’ve got lots of templates to get you started! Here’s one:

Yo Sam,

We’re a bunch of rogue filmmakers from the Pacific Northwest that is opening offices in LA. I know guys of your sheer magnitude have a lot of this lined up, but I just wanted to throw Hand Crank Film’s hat in the ring to get in your content producer rotation. Yeah, we’re bold. Strategically driven. As creative as many of the big guys for less $$$. And now more than ever, we’re about delivering multiple assets from one project to feed the beast, ranging from:

  • Really great content in various lengths (:5, :15, :30, :60 and beyond)
  • Hi-res stills suitable for print
  • Social media digital assets
  • EPK content
  • Even written and PR materials taken from project transcripts, etc.
  • And so much friggin’ more.

This ‘Content Library’ approach has a proven ROI across clients like Amazon, Les Schwab, Microsoft, Farmer’s Insurance and more – so you can make a direct correlation between our strategic content and actual conversion.  Plus, with the LA office getting up and running soon, we can buy you coffees and other assorted libations.

A quick example is here – which shows off the depth of content we can provide – as well as our cinematic and creative approach:


I know you guys get hit up all the time. But we got the chops and we’d love to work with you. I’ll call you next week to see what you think. 

Thanks for your time – and let me know if you’re thirsty.



Chris Donaldson
Executive Producer
Hand Crank Films

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