You got a hot one…. and your leads aren’t so bad either.

The Meeting – Chapter 3

There’s a few cases where we haven’t actually met the client before we book a job – but this is the exception rather than the rule. Usually, prospects want to see the whites of our eyes, and this is a great thing. Because BOOKING A MEETING with a client is just another strong step down the sales funnel.

And the questionnaire?  It acts as a great agenda item/conversation starter to be discussed during the meeting, so we can begin to dial in on potential projects and associated scope.  We’ll talk more about scope in a bit.

So – once you have a questionnaire in hand, it’s usually just a simple call or email to get the meeting booked:  “Hey, loved your answers to our questionnaire – how about we get together for a cup of coffee to review?”

Once they say ‘yes’ to that, we can usually set an agenda sort of like the below – which is sent out prior to the meeting:

Potential Meeting Agenda:

  • Team Intros (sometimes, depending on the stage, the proposed director may join you here – more on this in person)
  • Review Questionnaire
  • Review our ‘Content Studios’ Approach
  • Discuss General Project Costs and Timelines
  • Other, per client.
Let there be no meeting without an agenda.

Let there be no meeting without an agenda.

You know the secret to sales as well as I do:  listening. Getting as much stuff on paper as possible. Making sure we understand what success looks like for our clients.

So that when we put together a proposal, we’re hitting the mark. And – perhaps most importantly – speaking back to them in a language they’ve already approved.

Action Item: Since the questionnaire is such an important part of this process – why don’t you answer one now. 

Then come back here to jump knee deep into the Proposal Phase.