The HCF Sales Process – Chapter 1

Okay. So you think you have what it takes to fill the bill. That’s good news, because we want to bring someone aboard who has hunger to get out there, mix it up, and make things happen.

And of course – make one more call.

But we also want someone who tracks these efforts religiously, and competes with yours truly to bring home the bacon. That’s right. I’m jumping on the gamification bandwagon and turning this into an old fashioned Western shoot-out. Could be fun. But be forewarned: all is fair in love and war.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.40.11 AM

Do you feel lucky?

All kidding aside, we are looking to build a sales team that works together to reach our goals. It’s going to be a collaborative effort, and hopefully we’ll be learning together. A unified front that owns Seattle and well beyond.

To that end, HCF has developed a straightforward process that will help assure our new hire’s success. And this process centers around the legendary J8 – our internal robot system that tracks everything and everyone. If you haven’t already: Meet J8.

But before we get too in the weeds on the Sales side of things, it would probably be good to review what we’re selling:

We are not selling video services. Or films. Or one off pieces of eye candy that are here today and gone tomorrow.

What we are selling is a Content Marketing Platform that our clients can use to drive conversion and better business. We are attempting to provide value to our clients by giving them the campaign assets they need to succeed. A bigger vision that includes:

  • Brand Anthem videos (could be long-form)
  • Short form for TV, Social (You Tube Pre-roll, Snapchat or Vine, Facebook or Instagram)
  • Photos for print, events, Instagram
  • Audio for Podcasts
  • Print (transcripts) for Press releases, blogs, SEO
  • EPK materials
  • Music
  • And much more.

We are not selling one video. Though that may be where some of our clients start, it’s not where they should finish. This approach is where the industry is headed, and we need to be leading that charge with spear in hand.

Right now, we’re calling this the HCF Content Studios. And this has really resonated with the market. See a V1 example here. 

But just don’t take our word for it.

Action Item: See how the Big Boys are doing it.  Please Read this to see the Future.

Think about that: we are not in the video business as much as we are in the CONVERSION business. Getting people to act, to feel, to connect with our customers. That’s powerful stuff. That’s the good stuff. And it’s a vision we think we can really sell.

So when we talk about sales, it’s rarely about what HCF wants. Though we are certainly becoming the experts in video marketing – and need to stand by our very unique story telling chops – our story is really the customer’s story. How can we help amplify that in a way that truly makes a difference?

That’s what lays before us. But first –

Commercial Break. Stretch your legs. Ponder. Then let’s jump a little into PROCESS.

So let’s say you are hired to work with our band of merry pranksters:

As a Sales Junkie, J8 will be your home away from home. It will be where you live everyday, and track the details of the work you do. Let’s take a look at the J8 home Sales Page. You’ll have one of these with your name on it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.35.00 AM

“You’re going to love living here” – J8

What you are basically looking at is our SALES FUNNEL from a 10,000 foot view. There are 6 Big Buckets in the funnel as of right now:

  1. Emails Sent: In our current process, every client outreach begins with an email (See sample). Reaching our goal of sending 5 of these emails a day is harder than you think – because they all have to be personalized and relevant to the person you are sending this to. Because we are effectively SPAMMING people – we need to make each and every one of our emails personal, relevant and credible to get past some initial objections. Right now, our response rate back is about 20%.  So that means 5 emails a day will get you 1 response.
  2. Calls Made: At the end of every email, I always add a bit of heads up that ‘I will call you next week to see what you think.’  This is great, because it gets people to ACT. If they don’t want to hear from you, they’ll usually email back saying as much. In any event, immediately after you send the email – you schedule the call with yourself for 1 week later. I will show you how to do this – but this is critical. So, if you send out 5 emails on Tuesday, the following Tuesday you’ll be making 5 calls to those same people – and sending out 5 more emails to new people. The goal of these emails and calls:  TO GET MEETINGS.
  3. Meetings Booked: This is where you log all the meetings you have booked. We’re now starting to see the fruit of your labors.
  4. Proposals Under Review: Did these meetings and/or other outreach yield any RFP’s (Request for Proposals)? If so, nice work. Now we have a chance to actually convert. But don’t give yourself too much of a high-five until-
  5. Proposals Accepted: This is where the rubber meets the road. When you bag your first Accepted Proposal, we’ll go out for a night of celebration and all the Manhattans J8 can make you.

There is a ton more associated with the HCF Sales Process of course. But now you have an introduction to our homegrown CRM as well as our general approach. For us, it’s not about Quantity (although we do have our outreach goals) as much as it is about Quality. We want every contact with the customer at this level to be fun, respectful, and not about closing deals per se. But about introducing ourselves and getting on the radar.  Starting to build Credibility and Relevancy so that we can make the ASK later.

Sales Cycles can take forever, but they won’t start at all without the above clearly defined. We’ll go over all that in Week 1, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.


Now let’s take a look at some other stuff – including inbound and outbound leads.