The Close – Chapter 5


Great writing. Great acting. NOT what HCF is about.

Though it does take brass balls to pick up the phone and make cold calls – we prefer to build success on success. Sure, we want to hit our numbers and want our team to make the calls. We want to be a well oiled machine that is built on persistence, lead gen and great sales.

But at the end of the day, it’s about:

Quality. That which fulfills it’s purpose.

Starting with how we approach clients. Continuing through the great projects we make. Never ending with customer satisfaction but instead refining how we do better next time. And first and foremost, having fun along the way. The simple quality of being.

Enjoying each other’s company. Enjoying, what we do.

How we approach sales is how we approach our own brand, so we need to do it right. Better. Bolder. I’m a firm believer in constant review sessions, so you and I will be constantly providing each other a feedback loop to see how we can – and must – improve. Make no mistake: I’ve got a lot to learn from you.

So it starts with the team. Right now, that team may be 2 people – but we’re growing. As Walt Disney said, “It’s sort of fun to do the impossible.” Let’s do that, every day.

And when you close your first sale, dinner’s on me.

Expectations and On-Boarding Strategy

Reminder: it starts with the team. If you aren’t succeeding, chances are we aren’t doing a good enough job giving you what you need. Let’s start now.


  • Integrity above all else
  • Professionalism
  • Punctuality
  • Teach me something every goddamned day
  • Optimism:  there just is no room for anything else.

The On Board Plan

Assuming we can reach an agreement, we would do something like this:

  1. January
    • Announcement to Broader Team; D and Max to handle this.
    • Phase in Week 1
      • Monday, January 4th:  10:00 AM: Order Biz Cards: Title: Business Development. J8 Sales Review, Google Docs Review, basic on-boarding review. You read through blog posts, social media posts.
        • PHONE BLOCK: Use this time to identify your TOP 20 LEADS you want to go after.
      • Tuesday, January 5th:  All day in Seattle; bus leaves Sehome Starbucks at 7:50 AM. Return is TBD – late afternoon.
        • PHONE BLOCK: Use this time to present Top 20 Leads to D.
      • Wednesday, January 6th: Shadow Jim:  Review shoot schedule, and pencil in shoots you can help on. Walk through the Production Process step by step, begin to learn the UPM function and process. You will be starting as a PA/Craft Service on these shoots.
      • Thursday, January 6th; Bus to Seattle leaves at 7:50. Sit in on 1 Meeting D has.
        • PHONE BLOCK: Write a draft email to your key client, review with D.  Test your J8 Sales Portal and Review Process with D.  Sign up to this newsletter and read his shit:
        • Tasks per Jim.
      • Friday, January 7th: Sit in with Max to understand his marketing efforts. Lunch Meeting:  What is the HCF Brand?
        • PHONE BLOCK: What 5 emails are you sending out next week?  Map those out and think about approach. Read PSBJ and profile  3 leads you and I should go after (includes company synopsis, annual revenue, email address of person making the buying decision, twitter handle plus last 10 tweets, phone number, etc.  Define: what is our angle?)
        • Tasks per Jim.
        • BEER BLOCK:  Congrats on Week 1. Week in Review; set goals for Week 2 based on feedback.

The following weeks will follow similar patterns, but I wanted to give you a taste of this. We don’t expect you to close anything the first month, but what we would like to see in Q1 is:

  • 8 Prospects in the Sales Funnel, well on their way (average job size $7,500)
  • 3 Closed Sales (average job size $5,000)
  • Staring February 1:  Consistent 5 call, 5 email days.
  • This translates into:  100 call and emails per month, as tracked in J8.
  • End of Q1:  200 calls, 200 emails as tracked in J8.
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Reviews with D. Jim will have his own tracking and expectations he will share with you.

Once a day, I also expect you to check out your broader TO-DO list as found here. This will be added to frequently, and is a great resource when you’re not sure what to do next. One thing that will frustrate the hell out of you (I guarantee it) is my lack of availability and the fact I am pulled in 1000 different directions. But if we plan right, and you refer to this list, there will always be something next up to wrap our mind around.

Got it?  How does it sound so far?

BONUS CHALLENGE (We haven’t figured this out yet, but will in the upcoming months): The minute an email lead comes in from our site, we need to be placing a phone call right then to that lead.  Or, if there is no phone # attached, sending an email response with a request to talk on the phone right away. Within a few minutes. Not later in the day. The time for the customer to act is RIGHT now. Since I may not be availble, we need to figure a way to route it to the next in line, and then to the next in line, etc (Max) until we make contact. So think how we might be able to achieve that…

And before you go, one last word.