Proposal This – Chapter 4

So we had a good meeting. We have a questionnaire and some good notes in our back pocket. Now, if we’re lucky, we move to the next step.

Great meeting. We love what you guys are about. How about we put together a proposal for you to look at?

Another step down the funnel. Damn boy, nice work.

Our current Template - In Need of an Overhaul.

Our current Proposal Template – In Need of an Overhaul.

Every good proposal template should be changing periodically, and ours is no exception. We’ll be rolling a new one out in Q1 2016. But for now, feast your eyes….

This is almost always supplemented these days by a line-item AICP budget, which is the standard budget for Commercial Production. We won’t go into detail on this now because we know your eyes are glazing over – and you probably won’t need one in Phase 1 of sales (for jobs $10k and below). But as things blow up, the AICP budget is indeed the gold standard, and shows our clients we truly mean business.

But keep in mind:  you won’t be doing this stuff alone, especially at the beginning. We’ll be working as a team to develop new proposals, new collateral, new ways of selling. That’s the exciting part.

But for now, peruse all this. Osmosis would be good, just to save you some time. Teleportation, whatever magic tricks you got up your sleeve.

But you now got 5 of 6 stops of the funnel in the bag. A proposal that is actually up for consideration…

It’s a whole wide world out there.

Except for…

The one thing that matters most.