The HCF Lead Process – Chapter 2

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You’re probably asking yourself “But how do I make $$ at this gig?”

That’s a good question, especially in this speculative phase where we are trying each other out to see if there’s a fit. But what we do want to do is provide you with enough incoming leads for you to close on and make this worth your while. This is in part a function of marketing, which is gearing up in Q1 in a big way to become the lead gen machine we need it to be.

Our goal is to quantify shortly what that lead flow will look like for you. But right now, these opportunities will be light. Absorb that.

So assume your inbound leads will be starting pretty small. Probably for clients in the $5k range until we’re in lock-step with one another. But we’ll do our absolute best to keep these flowing in your direction – and to grow them as quickly as possible based on how well we are working together in this trial phase.

As long as we keep the dialogue open, and are clear on expectations, we should be fine.

Let’s talk about how LEAD GEN might work and dig a little deeper into process:

Leads are broken into 3 categories right now-

  • Agencies:  Advertising or marketing agencies that have lots of clients.
  • Direct: Direct clients that we approach, you guessed it, directly.
  • Non-Profits:  This is a beast unto itself.

Right now in Phase 1, you will focus on Direct Leads. This might unfold in a number of different ways, but here’s one path we could take together as it relates to how we generate leads in this specific vertical:

  1. Your Own List:  You bring your own leads to the table. If this is the case, you and I would vet these, and we would put them into Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C, based on the size and probability of the opportunity. Then you would begin the HCF Email Fist of Fury process.
  2. You Generate a Lead: The beauty about our gig is that leads are absolutely everywhere. A few really good resources for Direct Leads are:
  3. Marketing Hands you a Lead. This will happen more and more.
  4. Referrals, word of mouth, all that stuff. Building a REFERRAL ENGINE will be something we really dial into and refine in Q1 of 2016.

But what happens when these leads actually start to warm up, and a job materializes?

  1. If there is actually a job to discuss (as determined via our outreach process: email and phone call follow-up) – the first step is to talk about the job at a high level amongst ourselves, then with the client. This includes:
    1. What the job is?
    2. What are the deliverables?
    3. How many shoot days do we think we’re talking about?
    4. What is the deadline?
    5. Is there any budget guidance?  (We need to qualify leads as quickly as possible).
    6. And more, which we’ll dig into.
  2. The next step (and this is a nice secret weapon) is to send the our HCF Handy Dandy Questionnaire, found here. Sample responses are found here.
  3. When we send a questionnaire, this is when we start a CLIENT FOLDER in the Acquisitions folder in Google Docs. Fear not, we will review all this stuff as we proceed.
  4. We also have a wide range of collateral for meetings or mailers, including:
    • Flashdrives (those these are usually reserved for current clients or agencies.
    • Notepads
    • Cool pens
    • Postcards
    • Our Content Studio Mailer (which we’ll show you)
    • Website template for presentations (which we’ll show you)
    • Content Studio Specific presentation
    • PPT Templates
    • Stickers, etc.
This Questionnaire Pushes Them Deeper into the Sales Funnel.

This Questionnaire Pushes Them Deeper into the Sales Funnel.

All of this will come in handy when we are getting in front of clients.

But as you know – the bigger the client, the more of a relationship we have to build in most cases before getting the sale. We’ll discuss how to do this as we further refine our sales process.  But just remember that the relationship comes first – and sales second. This approach will yield us the magic fruit.

But let’s take a step back for a moment and assume you have a filled out questionnaire – a HOT LEAD – in your sweet little hands. What next?

Glad you asked. How about a meeting?

Cool Collateral - What More Could a Guy Want?

Cool Collateral – What More Could a Guy Want?