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The Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Help with Your Fundraising

5. Best Gear in the world. Your film quality is on par with Hollywood’s biggest films.
4. On time, and on budget – we are the “bank” of production companies.
We tell your story so people CARE about your organization and develop a lifelong relationship.
2. The Hand Crank Films Guarantee:
if your video doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned it, we return your dinero. Period.
1. Nothing Raises Money Like Great Video.

Our films have helped raise millions of dollars for our non-profit clients, including:

  • > The Pickford Theater Center: Video was shown in front of the Bellingham City Council, and the next day they voted to allocate the remaining $60,000 to close the capital building improvement fund. Use of video helped raise an additional $250,000.
  • > Seattle Girls School: Video was shown at their 2011 annual fundraiser, and helped raise $300,000+. The piece is so effective that they are hiring us again in 2012.
  • > St. Pauls Academy: Shown as well at their annual fund raising event, but also used in press releases, email marketing, and at local events like house parties. Total raised: $600,000+

We’re not saying video is the only answer. It has to be part of a cohesive content marketing strategy (which we can help with too) to make the community buzz. But with these clients and others like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IFPRI, and UPF, we’ve proven again and again that we deliver.

Our simple Fundraising Package, for example, provides you with a powerful way to connect with your community of donors.

Here’s the layout of our Standard Package:

  • > Kick-off Meeting
  • > Concept Development
  • > Scripting
  • > 1 Day of Shooting on location, usually including interviews with stakeholders
  • > 1 Week Editing with 1 revisions from client
  • > Final Delivery in formats suitable for screenings, TV and the Web.
  • > “Spread the Word” strategy consultation across Web and Social Media (to ensure your project is seen by as many people as possible)
  • > Featured on Hand Crank Films blog, Facebook and email, for bonus exposure.
  • > Cost: $8,500

Not quite right for you? Let us know and we’ll make it work. Contact us to learn more.