Vital Choice | The Story



The Response

These are great. Really looking forward to what you can do on the next project.

The Campaign

  • Major industry health leaders and doctors (like Dr. Andrew Weil) participate in the making of this important project
  • To be highlighted across all marketing materials, including the homepage of the website
  • Will be part of a weekly email campaign highlighting promotions and health benefits

The Problem

We produce some of the healthiest foods on earth – but we need to get people talking more.

Vital Choice is a pre-eminent supplier of the most healthy foods on earth. They’ve attained tremendous success, but wanted to kick their marketing to the next level and engage the health conscious community. With famous personalities like Dr. Sears and Dr. Weil at their disposal, there certainly is a great story to tell.

The Solution

What started as just a few videos highlighting the benefits and philosophy of Vital Choice has now expanded to over 25+ videos. These include interviews with a variety of key influencers within the industry – and director Caleb Young has taken what could have been a relatively clinical topic and infused it with the passion the product deserves. The result is a series of powerful short films that make the choice easy – Vital Choice.