Tacoma Tourism | The Story

The Response

Thank you for making a video that uniquely captures Tacoma and Pierce County. It was the centerpiece  on our roadshow to China, and the feedback has been out of this world!

The Product

A tourism video that highlights Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington state – and gets people adding to their travel itineraries.

The Usage

  • > Premier party to Tacoma’s key stakeholders and politicians; tremendous positive feedback and press.
  • > Part of the 2011 roadshow to China to highlight area as travel and convention destination – results to follow
  • > Sent to travel writers and blogs as part of digital EPK and larger media push

The Problem

We need help furthering the image of Tacoma, especially for an important trip to China we’re taking. Help!

Tacoma and Pierce County is a great place. With Mount Rainier and tons of cultural and nightlife destinations, there’s certainly something for everyone. But everyone thinks of us as a the red headed step-child to Seattle. How can we change this image?

The Solution

This was one looked easy on paper. But with so many great locations and some budget considerations, the challenge was clear: capture it all but do it in two days. That’s what film and video production is all about.

So working together with advertising agency JayRay, we came up with a fun story with three main characters that lead us through some of the key destinations. We then integrated picture taking and photos to communicate the places we couldn’t quite fit into the schedule. The end result is an energetic piece that really captures the character and charm of the area.

The Shoot

We knew we’d need to throw everything we had at this project to shoot the multitude of great locations in just two days. Orchestrating numerous locations and talent, we hit the ground running and packed it in – even though the weather didn’t quite cooperate.With our friends at JayRay and the TRCVB at our side, we knocked it out of the park, and created a piece that is truly special.