SPARK Your Imagination

The Response

Nice job, truly a beautiful work of art.

The Product

A short Public Relations piece that successfully promotes the new SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, WA.

The Usage

> Being sent to top travel press
> Cornerstone of 2012 marketing initiatives; including email blasts, press releases, website, and social media strategies.
> Unveiled at Grand Launch Ceremony

The Problem

How do you make a light bulb interesting to a generation of kids raised on mobile phones and video games? The SPARK Museum has the most incredible collection of historical electrical devices and inventions, but we need to make it relevant to today’s audience.

The Solution

Director Caleb Young and Chris Donaldson wrote the script around an idea that transcended the usual. By mixing the fantastical with the amazing inventions on display at SPARK, the piece challenged the normal perception of the standard museum. This is highlighted by the camera work (shot on the RED Epic) and lighting by DP Chris Koser, and the wonderful score by Barry Uhl.

The end result is a piece that captures the brand behind this Bellingham destination.