Seattle Girl’s School: The Story


The Response

The response to the video has been so positive on so many levels! We truly appreciate the hard work and talent of Hand Crank Films.

The Money

Over $300,000.00 raised in conjunction with this film.

The Campaign

> Shown at annual luncheon in downtown Seattle to the community – $275,000 raised
> Featured on Website to inspire further contributions
> Email with ‘Forward to a Friend’ campaign.

The Problem

“We want something that celebrates girls of all ages.”

How do you differentiate a small school that competes against better funded institutions on a daily basis? How do you communicate the value of building strong girls into even stronger leaders – when there are seemingly less expensive alternatives? The answer hinged on emotional connection.

The Solution

It's not hyperbole to say that our future rests on strong women. Women who know how to share vision, take charge and get results. This sort of ability and confidence is nurtured by places like the Seattle Girls' School - but it's not enough to talk about academic rigor or curriculum. Director Chris Koser wanted to start with a young girl having a vision for a better world, and then show how the school lays the foundation for that success. The result is a piece that has moved the community.