Saturna | Bellingham


“These ads are the PERFECT brand identifier ads. Exactly what we were looking for.” – John Overturf, VP Marketing, Saturna Capital.

The Results

The ads aired for three months with an extensive media buy across cable TV – and dramatically increased interest in Saturna as a local brokerage firm. The ads are currently being re-purposed to include all of the great Pacific Northwest, and will begin a TV run n the Seattle area shortly.

The Challenge

To create something quirky, local and compelling to help re-introduce the Saturna Capital Brokerage to the residents of Bellingham.

The Usage

  • TV/WEB

The Problem

How to really make people understand that Saturna means “local”!

Saturna wanted something that screamed local – and that meant being fun, and a LOT of location shooting.

The Solution

Director Chris Koser worked with Max Kaiser to write these quirky, fun ads based on broad concepts from Saturna Capital. Saturna really made the whole thing work by being willing to take a chance with the edgy creative concepts. After the creative was approved, it was up to Chris Koser to really make these come alive. Chris worked with line producer Jim Pidgeon tirelessly to find all of the right cast, to find all of the right locations, and to make it happen.

The Shoots

The weather Gods didn’t cooperate, but we managed to grab these multiple locations across 4-5 days of shooting. Thanks to all who helped out – much appreciated.