Pickford | The Dream | The Story

The Response

This film re-ignited our campaign and allowed us to finish the theater.

The Money

Over $250,000 raised in conjunction with this film.

The Campaign

  • Shown to City Council Members at town meeting on giant screen – $75,000 raised
  • Sent out as email attachment to all Pickford Members – $140,000 raised
  • Inspired further giving from large donors – $50,000 + raised

The Problem

How “just a little quick film” became one of the defining moments of a campaign.

The Pickford Film Center needed to raise an additional MILLION DOLLARS to finish their theater. The were looking for money from everywhwere – the state, the city… anyone. Individual donors, it appeared, were pretty tapped out as big donations had almost come to a halt.

The Solution

[image_float type="left" url="https://www.hcfmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/pickford2.jpg" width="160" height="120"]Movie Magic[/image_float]

We all love the Pickford (founding director Max Kaiser is a board member) so director Chris Koser knew right from the start that he wanted something completely unexpected. Something that would connect, and communicate on an emotional level why the Pickford is such an important part of our community. He came up with the idea of three distinct characters whose lives would intersect in the new theater. These would be interspersed with key stakeholder interviews to help define the inspiration and the need behind this last effort. The result? The magic of movies. And a fundraising goal achieved.