Partners for Our Children

Partners for Our Children works with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to discover, develop, and deploy innovative solutions to improve outcomes for children and families in our state. The results? For the first time, an organization is generating a statewide road map for social work training and education, and offers a neutral space where the child welfare community can freely exchange ideas about critical issues affecting children.

This video for the University of Washington MBA program resulted in a substantial uptick in enrollment.

Now, these important initiatives need to be highlighted and communicated to better engage stakeholders, the media, and partners. By creating a number of compelling video assets that can be easily viewed and shared across the course of a year, Partners for Our Children can effectively promote the following:

> The ‘Partners for Our Children’ story: Produce a powerful film that digs a bit deeper into the ‘Why’ behind the organization. (similar to the University of Washington example, above). What is the inspiration that led to the organization’s founding? The need, the solution, the community advocates, the number of people who have been helped as a direct result. Frame this in the context of an absolute community imperative that leaves people inspired.

> Video Whitepapers/Case Studies: Proof of concept videos, based on success stories and research publications. Furthering the case for the organization as a place for neutral child welfare discussions.

> More Powerful Press Releases: Video press releases create an engaging story that can be quickly understood and easily shared, especially when it comes to something as relevant as your ongoing initiatives like the The Washington State Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence. Imagine hearing from various leadership about the value of these new partnerships – all underscoring their primary benefit of increased and better child welfare.

> Better Marketing: The Web and the media demand a content infrastructure to help communicate message – and video can play an important part in this. By building an eco-system of credibility and relevancy around your organization, you can better connect with partners and your mission.


There are a ton of other smart ideas that can leverage video to help Partners for Children meet the increasing demands of improving child and family outcomes. Let’s discuss more how we can help.