Brenthaven | BX2 | Product Launch


The Response

This video is amazing! Just what we needed for Outdoor Retailer…

The Product

A revolutionary line of BX2 camera bags aimed at the active sports and adventure photographer market.

The Usage

The following usage was orchestrated by Brenthaven, led by Marketing Director Linda Nguyen:

  • > Product Launch to build massive buzz across an entire industry
  • > Premiered at one of the world’s largest trade shows, Outdoor Retailer
  • > Social Media Initiatives
  • > In-Store Displays and Retail Education
  • > Distributor Partner Education
  • > PR Packages/ EPKs

The Challenge

How to explain why a new bag line can be so different – and special.

Brenthaven (, the maker of the world’s premium bags, was looking for a way to clearly differentiate their product to resellers and the general public. They needed something as edgy and exciting as what they were bringing to market.

The Solution

Working with Brenthaven, we decided to pull out all of the stops to make the most of the line and the associated active lifestyle. From rock climbing to models in the rain, this project has it all.

The Shoot

These bags are less about foam and materials and more about a way of life. There’s no doubt you want to communicate the revolutionary new shock absorption system that was literally decades in the making – but you need to do this in a way that gives people an ‘A-Ha’ moment. So we spent two days capturing those moments that best fit the lifestyle: Active, fun, bold. The result? People love these new bags – and this film. Enjoy and share.