Gamification in the B2B space has not only upped awareness and engagement, but also business performance. With the Badgeville platform, businesses have increased sales performance, lifetime loyalty, time on site, and increased clicks to shopping carts. This is a powerful story that needs to be communicated to your target audience – and what follows are some examples of how video might work for Badgeville as a primary driver for online marketing and SEO.

This video for McNett resulted in numerous new distribution and retail partnerships and increased sales.

For Badgeville, one primary goal is to solidify the company’s innovative Behavior Platform as the gold standard for gamification. By creating a number of compelling video assets that can be easily viewed and shared, the company can effectively promote the following:

> The Badgeville Story: Produce a video that digs a bit deeper into the ‘Why’ of Badgeville. What was the inspiration that led Kris Duggan and Wedge Martin to start the company? The problem, the solution, the customers, the number of dollars earned as a result of the Badgeville solution set. Frame this in the context of an absolute business imperative.

> Video Whitepapers/Case Studies: Product and proof of concept videos, including testimonials from clients like Salesforce that has driven more business.

> New product or version launches: There is no better way to launch a product than with compelling video that can be easily pushed into partner, client and media channels. By communicating value across new technological innovation, you can quickly educate existing clients and connect with new target audiences. With such high-profile clients using Badgeville to increase engagement, there’s a story that has to be told around each new release – and compelling video content can help.

> More Powerful Press Releases: Video press releases create an engaging story that can be quickly understood and easily shared, especially when it comes to something as relevant as this or this. Imagine hearing from the Salesforce leadership about the value of Badgeville – all underscoring their primary benefit of increased optimum sales behavior.

> Better Marketing: The Web demands a content infrastructure to support all the emerging social media channels – and video can play an important part in this. By building an eco-system of credibility and relevancy around your message, you can better connect with your audience and drive home the value of doing business. Plus, polish the apple on SEO.


Video can help build a healthy Web eco-system.


> Bigger Tradeshows: Sure, you can show Brochureware and hand out cool pens, but few things attract foot traffic to a booth more effectively than a video that truly rips the lid off your logo and shows why you’re truly indispensable. By warming up your potential customers – you can then seal the deal with eye contact and a handshake. Now that’s good game.

There are a ton of other cool ideas that can leverage video to increase sales. Let’s discuss more how Heinz Marketing and Hand Crank Films can help.