Part 4: Facebook and the One Eyed King

This is Part 4 in a 10 part series discussing Social Media and video. For some, this will be remedial. For others, a good refresher. For others still, a whole new world.

With over 800 million Facebook users worldwide, there’s no mistake that you should be using this important platform to reach customers. It’s a perfect way to generate customer engagement and interest in your product and services. And, it gets easier and more fun to use every day.

With one caveat: Facebook should only be a supplement to your Website and other activities. FB is so powerful that many people are tempted to use it as a primary place of business online. But that’s similar to building a beautiful house on someone else’s property. Or trying to catch a ball with one eye closed. You may think you’re king but you’re missing a lot of opportunity.

Facebook is a like good cocktail party. When you show up and start talking to people, you don’t start by selling them your services. Instead you chit chat. Talk about the kids. Share stories. And if you hit it off, you might exchange business cards.

That’s what Facebook is good for: a great place to let people know who you are without instantly jumping in and trying to sell them something. You might post funny stories, videos, pictures of employees doing Stupid Pet Tricks, things that reveal your company’s personality. There’s very little selling. But potentially lots of connecting. A few quick tips:

  1. If you can, get the Vanity URL This isn’t always easy, but it is an important real estate grab. Here’s a great article. This site is a great reference as well for how to set-up FB in general.
  2. Post content about once or twice a day. More than that, and people might turn you off.
  3. Keep it pithy, relevant, and fun. Promotional posts about your company (Buy Today!) should only be about 25% of your content, if that.
  4. Use FaceBook Ads to help you build your Fan Base initially. We’ll talk more about FB ads later in this series.
How does film and video fit into all this? Many of our clients have had great success posting video content on FB with a Call to Action (CTA) at the end that says something like ‘Learn more about this at our site’. Or showing tutorials that say “See the rest of the series here’. Content should be a leader to get people to engage, like you, learn from you, and ultimately go to your site and buy from you.
Again, good video drives traffic. That, and keyboard cats.




Author: Chris Donaldson

Chris Donaldson is Executive Producer at HCFmedia. Can film making change the world? The Short Answer: Yes.

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