PART 3: Setting Up the Ask at Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event

So you’ve successfully branded your cause, rallied your audience, and planned your fundraising event – it’s time to close the deal! In other words, you’ve got to set up your “ask.”

With everyone at your event, one of the most critical and sensitive aspects of the evening is how you approach your audience for their contribution. Having a film that’s picture perfect can easily induce your audience to be receptive of your ask, and even clamoring to contribute.

Timing is everything, and the placement of your film at your event is no different. Just before the “open-giving” or paddle raising section of the night is the ideal time to screen your film. This way you catch your audience in the afterglow of your film’s emotional hook, but this means your film has to leave them in the right way.

The end-card of your film is very important. You know you want to hook them emotionally, but are you sure which emotions you need? Consider what really resonates with your cause. Whether you want them laughing, crying, or thinking just before your ask, you’ve got to leave them wanting more.

With that, it is also key that your film have an overarching theme that your speaker, who is making the ask, can evoke and remind your audience of. Once all of this is primed and ready, it’s time to do it: ask.

Author: Matthew Sutherland