Part 2: Paint Your Website Purple

This is Part 2 in a 10 part series discussing Social Media and video. For some, this will be remedial. For others, a good refresher. For others still, a whole new world.

There’s been an interesting discussion in the marketing world lately that questions the necessity of having a Website for your business. With well over 700 million users on Facebook, many people are deciding to make this their primary online destination rather than wasting time, energy and money building a website. Though on the surface this looks attractive, the approach is sort of like moving into a building you don’t own and doing massive capital improvements. The result? You make the owner happy but see very little actual return in your back pocket.

Your website is very much like your house. It’s the center of everything you do online. The focal point around which everything revolves. You own it (and a good URL if you’re lucky), and if you grow it right it can increase in value. You can flip it, hang on to it for years, or let it lie fallow. It can be flat like a brochure, or interactive with continually updated content, media, new ideas and approaches. It’s the one place where you can shape your vision, your mission, your reason to be. The first place you should refine and use to communicate with your audience. The place where you blog. Where you share your best video content. Where you convert customers into believers.

So though Facebook is a critical piece, it’s not the center. It’s not the gravitational pull. It’s not exactly you.The you is reserved for something you can own. And change. And paint the walls purple when you want to.

Ask yourself this:

  1. Is your website dynamic? Can it be easily updated? (Look up a good Content Management System. We use WordPress).
  2. Is your Website something your audience wants to come back to frequently, as an expert resource filled with informative new content?
  3. Is your website the best representation of what you do?
  4. Most importantly – is your site driving relationships and sales? Google Analytics, which we discuss later in the series, is the linchpin for this.

It might be time for a new approach. And we know the feeling. We sat on our website for years before making any changes. Now that we made the move, the feeling is pretty powerful. And much more fun than an occasional status update.


Author: Chris Donaldson

Chris Donaldson is Executive Producer at HCFmedia. Can film making change the world? The Short Answer: Yes.

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