Part 10: Social Media and Rocket Launchers


This is Part 10 in a 10 part series discussing Social Media and video production. For some, this will be remedial. For others, a good refresher. For others still, a whole new world. 

The surging currency these days is attention. Those companies that can earn people’s attention by providing relevance will win. Those countries that pay attention can overthrow governments, rebel against oppression, get new laws passed and change the world. So can we.

But the opportunity is schizophrenic. Yes, it’s never been easier to tell your story and communicate your message. The tools are there. But so are millions of other people. Where you might have an advantage is with your insight. Your approach. The right strategy that will raise the roofbeams and build audiences that count. People are doing it everyday. New flags are being are raised everywhere you look.

So the question isn’t if you are going to participate in the revolution. The question is how.

How are you going to connect?

How are you going to remain authentic?

How are you going to tell your story?

HCFmedia is expert at one thing: Telling Stories. Your Stories. There are other great ways to connect, but film and video are unsurpassed in sheer power. People want engagement fast. And whether you do it yourself, have someone in your company do it, or hire an outside shop to help, a good video strategy is the new business imperative.

Maybe you’re not selling freedom. Maybe your goals are a little more modest than world peace (that’s next on the ‘to do’ list). Maybe instead of rocket launchers next to your pillow you have a collection of great ideas, a good product and service, and a plan. That’s a beautiful thing. That’s enough.

Get it out there.


Author: Chris Donaldson

Chris Donaldson is Executive Producer at HCFmedia. Can film making change the world? The Short Answer: Yes.

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