Organic Valley

Hey Guys,

Thanks for considering Hand Crank Films for future Organic Valley video projects. Here is some work that we think might have a similar quality/sensibility to what you’re looking for.

Saturna Bellingham – one of four TV spots created to promote Saturna Capital and the quirkiness of the Pacific Northwest:

Tony’s Coffee – Promoting one of the best independent coffee producers in WA state:

Gold ADDY Winner: Google Bellingham – This project was created to promote Bellingham as the next location to install the Google Fiber hi-speed network; featured on the CBS Evening News, MSNBC and multiple online outlets:

Vital Choice Seafood: Created to highlight the importance of a well balanced diet in society with an emphasis on seafood.

Huxley School of the Environment: This ADDY® award Winning piece discusses the value of farming and the importance of resilience in agricultural planning.

Bangladesh – Awakening: This project was commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to celebrate the 30 years of independence of Bangladesh, where we traveled to capture this revolution in food production and sustainability. This was shown at the G8 Summit with President Obama in attendance.

Thanks again for this. We’ll follow-up in a bit, and in the meantime let us know if you have any further questions. We’d love to be involved.

Let’s roll.