Opening a New Video Production Office in a Strange City – SCARY!

About 4 months ago – or was it 5? – we opened our new Seattle office. Why? We had to. We are headquarted in here in Bellingham, and while we love Bellingham, as a town it is sort of like the anti-business vortex. Difficult to explain, but for some reason I think people actually have a harder time making a buck in this town than any other. Consider that many places refuse to take credit cards – cool yes, business friendly, not-so-much. Yes, you can have lots of fun, but god help you if you’re trying to raise a family and eek out a living! We’ve done pretty well here, overall, thanks in a large part to the fact that a bunch of our biz comes from outside of the ‘ham, but we needed more opportunity right around us. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why we opened another office, and I’ll get into those more later, but for now, suffice to say, we opened one.

Anyhow, Seattle (we’ve heard) is somewhat better business-wise. Also, there are ALOT more companies there with the budgets to be able to afford to hire us to do what we love to do – tell beautiful, albeit sometimes expensive stories about them.

But, surprise!, there are also ALOT of video and film production companies down there. Just go on Google and type Seattle Video Production. I did, and to my personal horror I found pages, and pages, and pages of them – with us ranked on like the 13th page or something. Of course, I just did this search now – 5 months after we opened our office.

Okay, so sometimes we jump first and then look. Doesn’t matter, I’m still (and I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone at the Crank) ridiculously stoked we’ve got a place down there. We have our work seriously cut out for us, though, to get noticed.

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride as we try to crack the emerald city. Should be interesting. So far, we have one new client thanks to the move. No one is actually working full-time down there, but there is a lot of expensive commuting going on that paying for is a bummer (can’t you people carpool??) Koser is supposed to move down there soon, but Bellingham has a tractor beam that no old man could get out of commission (can you name that?). In the meantime, I’m working my ass off trying to learn Search Engine Optimization to get our web-rankings hire so at least people there think we exist.

Also, I should say, Seattle is really cool to hang out in. I need to do it more. We did get a fold-out bed down there…

More to come…


Author: Max Kaiser

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