One AMAZING Example of how to Get Viral Video

We get asked ALL THE TIME  – “HEY, I want a viral video – you know, something that gets over 100K hits.”

First of all – this is a really tall order. The sad thing is, if you have Miley Cyrus getting out of a car you can have 1M hits in no time, but without celebrity, and without something disgustingly funny, you probably don’t have a very good chance – unless you are very clever and actually build your video, and a campaign around the video, to be viral.

Check out this wonderful diabetes video that got over 100k hits…Take the BIG Blue Test

How did they get all those hits?

1) They had a great looking video – absolutely essential.

2) They had a soft sell on their product.

3) They had a way to easily get their people to “pass on” the video.

1, and 2 go without saying. 3 is the one I’d like to dig in on.

Just a because a video is great doesn’t mean anyone is going to see it. There is simply too much going on in our lives to watch everything on YouTube.

So, you’ve got to get people within the niche of your product to be the people to pass on your video. In this case, they got the maker of the video to agree to pay $1 for every time someone clicks on this video and watches it. They advertised this fact in the video, and got people to feel good about passing it along.

What’s your message and how do you want to get it seen? We’ll be looking out for more of these great examples as we go.


Author: Max Kaiser

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