Nonprofit Fundraising

Films for Nonprofits

Raise money. Raise awareness. Raise the roof.

You’ve got a nonprofit that needs help. We’ve got solutions. Since 2005, we’ve helped nonprofit schools, hospitals, and more raise over 3 million dollars and millions of views of awareness. Like to be a part of the action? Take a look at our case studies – and make contact with us!

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When you’ve really got something different to say, and you want to say it in a way that is really different – call us.

Raise the Roof

There’s a lot of people raising money – how are you going to be different?

Try making your film with us – here’s why:

Fundraising for Nonprofits
We Deliver Real ROI

Historically, nearly everyone one of our films has raised $5 for every dollar spent on the film. Take a look at this chart of the rough stats of our films. On the awareness front, we typically get thousands of views for our films.

Fundraising Films for Nonprofits
The Movie is Just the Beginning

Because we’ve done so many banquet and fund-raising films, we understand how the whole process unfolds. We create a teaser to help fill the seats, and we make sure that the film is timed exactly right in your evening to maximize its effectiveness.

Nonprofit Movies
We Make You a Movie – Not a Video

Unlike the typical talking head and b-roll nonprofit films, Hand Crank Films specializes in making true movies, with docu-narrative structure, for our clients. We do this to be sure your film stands out above and beyond the rest.

Doing more for Nonprofits
We Think Out-of-the-Box

As you can see if you look below at our Content Studio, we love to think out of the box and come up with all kinds of solutions to your problems you may not have thought of. Give us a call and run some ideas past us, you might be surprised at what you find out!

Metrics and Data


If it’s not tracked, did it happen?

We know everyone is clamoring like never before for metrics. We can provide you with tracking for your productions throughout almost all web mediums, presented to you in easy to follow, and easy to share,  graphs and charts. These metrics can be integrated with your sales systems to take the power of your creative work to the highest level – conversion.

Concept to Creation

Output your project in ways you never imagined.

Hand Crank Films' Content Studio

You’ll never think of a “video shoot” the same way again.

Turn your shoot day into an entire content inventory.

And monetize your production like never before.