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Nonprofit Video that Provides Real ROI

Nothing tells your story like a video.

Below shows the difference in funds raised at an event before vs. after the showing of our video.

NonprofitBefore FilmAfter FilmDifference
St. Paul’s Academy$250,000$350,000$100,000
Overlake Hospital$250,000$500,000$250,000
Seattle Girls School$250,000$400,000$150,000
PeaceHealth Foundation Bellingham$250,000$600,000$350,000
Seattle Humane Society$600,000$1,200,000$600,000
Pickford Film Center$100,000$275,000$175,000
Volunteer Park Conservatory$100,000$180,000$80,000
Whatcom Center for Early Learning$100,000$125,000$25,000
Our TreeHouse$10,000$40,000$30,000