Proof of Film ROI | Fundraising Films | A Case Study: Part I

HCFmedia has recently embarked on the first of what we hope are many donated productions to non-profits that we believe are worthy. Why would we give away a $15k production? Because we truly believe film is the strongest way to raise money and awareness, and truly change the game for great, but fledgling, non-profits out there. We’ve worked with so many great non-profits out there, but not all can afford us – so we wanted to give back. And we wanted to try some things; to glean some cold hard facts regarding ROI of film for non-profits at events.

Here’s our goals:

  1. To at least double the amount of money the non-profit takes home in the evening of their event.
  2. To double the attendance of their event.
  3. To greatly increase the awareness of the group as measured by click and engagement with our films.
  4. To invigorate new life into the organization’s plans for the event, bringing focus, high goals, and excitement (showbiz!) to their night.

So, we chose an organization called Our TreeHouse. The fulfiled all of our criteria:

  1. Great mission. They’ve got an incredible mission of helping kids and families that lose a parent or child suddenly to cope with this tradgedy. There is a ton of need for this in our community and not enough resources.
  2. Motivated staff. They’ve got a terrific team, and they are organized.
  3. Just getting started. Last year they only raised $9k at their event and had about 50 people.

We pitched our plan to TreeHouse, and they were psyched. We scripted and shot the film. The teaser is at the header of this blog.

The event isn’t until next week, but here’s what’s happened ALREADY since we posted the teaser:

  • They have SOLD OUT their event with 96 seats at $100/seat (CHECK off doubling attendence!)
  • Through FaceBook postings of the teaser they’ve already gotten 3000 impressions of their film, and over 250 views, and 71 likes (on our way towards that awareness goa!l)

Now, much of this was also due to the hard work of the TreeHouse team who are now invigorated to really make a show of this. We’re still furiously editing the film that will show, and orienting the night correctly around the film (check future blog series on how to best utilize your film for the non-profit evening), but we have high hopes. We’ve set our goal at raising $50k that evening. Phew!

We’ll post the results of our case study on February 10th – wish us luck!

Thanks for reading!


Author: Max Kaiser

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