Max Higbee Center- Recreation for Community

With visions of a “caring, inclusive, respectful, and thriving community where people are empowered to grow, develop, and enrich their lives through recreation activities and the relationships they create,” it’s no surprise that the Max Higbee Center is central and pivotal in Bellingham’s non-profit world. The work you do speaks for itself. Each day lives are changed because of the volunteers and employees who work tirelessly to better the community around them. That’s a pretty amazing story, and it’s one that I think needs to be told.

Take a look at some other fundraiser/promotional videos we’ve created recently to help local organizations broaden their reach in order to expand the scope of help they can offer to their community.

University Prep- “Excellence”

Western Washington University- “Thank You”

Sustainable Connections- “Eat Local”

Each person that walks through the doors at the Max Higbee Center has a story. Together, that’s a pretty amazing tale to tell. Let’s figure out how to best do that so everyone else can hear it, too.