M9 Defense

Hand Crank Films is expert at one thing: Telling stories. Your stories. Our goal is to tear the lid off your logo, look under the hood, and really get to the meaning behind brand so we can connect with your audiences. The following is a piece we filmed for CAIR as part of their PR push to initiate a dialogue of tolerance on the anniversary of 9/11. It was featured on MSNBC, FOX, CNN, the front page of Yahoo, and generated well over 1 MILLION impressions in 48 hours.

If we are privileged to work with M9 Defense, our goal is to exceed all your business and creative requirements by creating video content that speaks to your mission: developing the best absorption impact technology in market. We accomplish this by following a very disciplined yet creative production approach that involves 4 distinct phases:

  1. Discovery: Define ‘What Does Success Look Like to You?’ Includes: Creative Meeting with key stakeholders at M9 Defense, confirmation of deliverables, concept development, review of script outline, scripting, and scheduling.
  2. Develop: We produce and edit using only the best technology and equipment available – so your end product is suitable for Web or broadcast. Your call.
  3. Deliver: The post-production process includes two edit reviews and a final polish – often on site in our Seattle editing suite. That way, we can deliver a product that exceeds your business and creative objectives each and every time.
  4. Distribute:  Hand Crank Films counsels our clients on best distribution strategies to help maximize exposure and ROI, as needed.

This B2B video for McNett was pushed into their retail and distributor partner channels (REI, Cabelas, Outdoor Retail, etc) to help redefine the company and it's family of brands. It has since become the cornerstone of a strong PR and marketing push to develop new customers and drive new business. It moved the needle.

As M9 Defense moves into the consumer space, video content can be used as a highly effective sales and marketing tool to communicate to retail and distribution partners, the press, and consumer channels. By 'thin-slicing' your media (taking longer video content and reformatting into shorter pieces for social media, for example) you can build both your content library and improve SEO. Better traffic and better business. This piece for Superfeet reinvigorated their brand and became a primary tool for their sales team to engage customers. Strategy included:

  • > Product Launch to build massive buzz across an entire industry
  • Premiered at one of the world’s largest trade shows, Outdoor Retail
  • Social Media Initiatives
  • In-Store Displays and Retail Education
  • Featured Video for Distributor Partner Education, followed by more in-depth 'drill-downs'
  • PR Packages/ EPKs

Sometimes, projects call for something a little out of the ordinary. This piece for Mackie Speakers and LOUD Technologies was the cornerstone of their tradesow and launch efforts for their new DLM speaker line.

You can watch the sequel with over 150 zombies here. So how much does this all cost?  Generally speaking, we charge $7,500 per shoot day, which includes:

  • Creative and Concept Development; in collaboration with client
  • Scripting; Approval by client
  • Shooting; RED Epic camera – the most advanced digital camera in market (stills can be pulled for print)
  • Editing; 2 rounds of revisions; approval by client
  • Delivery in formats suitable for Web, TV, or other as defined by client
  • Distribution Discussion
  • > Does NOT include any potential talent (actors), locations, or special effects. Let's discuss. 

Clients include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Safeway, Outdoor Research, Western University, the University of Washington, Mackie Loudspeakers, Unilever. Ogilvy & Mather, Superfeet, and many more. So let's talk more about how we can help. I'll call you on Monday to see what you think.

Thanks Zach,