Film Production for Non-Profits

Hand Crank Films brings your Non-Profit’s Story to Life.

Fundraising ROI

We create deliverables with true ROI for our non-profit clients. For every dollar our clients have spent on our films, we’ve helped them to raise $5 more. (See our white paper for more info.) We keep our process simple and make sure your message is concise and powerful. We have created dozens of very successful non-profit films aimed at raising awareness, and raising money – why not make yours next?

Modular Content

We know you’re probably looking for more than just a great film to brand or re-brand your company. That’s why we created the Hand Crank Films Content Studio. In just a few days of shooting, we’ll provide you with material to re-brand your company in everything from web, TV, and pre-roll to radio, print, billboards, trade show booths and blogs, and more. Find out how the HCF Content Studio is your one-stop answer to branded content that cuts through the static and engages your audience. See more below…

Great Gear & Team

Besides our creative expertise, one of the ways we ensure your videos are amazing is the team and equipment we use. All of our contractors and staff have worked with us for many years, through many projects big and small. We own a slew of camera equipment from the RED Epic to the Canon 7D. Whatever the budget, we’ve got the right gear, and the right team to make your project a success.

Our Non-Profit Reel

There’s a reason why Amazon, Farmers Insurance, Intel and others use Hand Crank Films – Great Video, Great Prices.

Pricing for videos is never one size fits all, but we can give you some ballparks right away to get your planning started. We don’t give this pricing to just anyone, so please fill out the below and we’ll get back to you within a few minutes with the pricing guidelines you’re looking for!