Inspiration: Tilt-Shift and Time Lapse in Whistler, B.C.

Spent the weekend in Whistler, B.C. skiing with the family. While waiting in line I watched their beautiful HD monitors playing videos to get me stoked about the mountain and what I was shelling out beaucoup dollaros to enjoy. Wow. Whistler has REALLY upped their video game. I’m used to watching sort of lame semi-ski videos that bored me in about 10 seconds and just wishing that somehow HCFmedia could get the Whistler account (I worked in Whistler in video in one of my first jobs, but that is a different story that ended in a tragic jet-boating accident). This time I was treated to a couple of wonderful videos.

First, this one from Switchback Entertainment that uses what is called “tilt-shift” photography. I won’t go into how it works (because I don’t really know) but basically you attach a lens to your camera that causes the focal planes of everything you’re shooting to shift and it gives you these really cool looks – often causing whatever is shot to look miniature. In this case, they were able to make a very cool video that made all of Whistler look like a little miniature town that a little girl was playing with. A great tilt-shift video from Switchback of Whistler.daadfa

The next was from Sherpas Cinema. Probably one of the coolest ski promotional videos I’d ever seen. Here’s the video from Sherpas Cinema about Whistler.  These guys pulled out every trick in the book from lots of great time lapse (one shot covering a whole day on the mountain from sun-up, to the snow cats coming out at night) to fantastic hard-to-get HD GOPRO shots that seem to have the camera everywhere. I’m so sick of ski movies and these things made want to get out there a do it all again.

In both cases these guys were using all the new video toys to great advantage. They were just toying with these wonderful new techniques and making video that is so much fun to watch. I couldn’t wait to try some of the new toys that we have at the Crank – most notably our new EPIC with the ability to do 300 frames per second, some of our great new handheld HMI lights, etc. etc. – on Monday we decided to shoot our latest video for St. Paul’s Academy here in Bellingham all at a crazy frame rate, with a weird aspect ratio, and to be constantly messing around with lens flare, to use our remote camera heads – the piece is going to be amazing. Here’s a couple of shots from the upcoming video for St. Paul’s Academy.

The moral of this story – make sure to get out and get inspiration!



















Author: Max Kaiser

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