Get to know us.

The great part of working with HCFmedia is you’re working with industry professionals with years of experience who are dedicated to helping corporations tell their story in efficient, memorable ways that connect with their audience every time.

The Crew 

These are the folks we’re lucky enough to work with everyday.

3  Things You Didn’t Know About HCFmedia

First — We know how to make corporate great.

Look, we get that not every film project needs helicopters, explosions, and a Hans Zimmer soundtrack. However, we also understand that in order to connect with audience today via social and other online mediums you’ve got to produce something that has a spark of something special. At HCFmedia we make sure that every production has this spark — something that makes an audience sit up and take notice, that engages them at their core. HCFmedia specializes in balancing this creative spark with the needs and realities of corporate and nonprofits budgets, timeframes, and challenges.


We Give Back – A Lot.

Every 3 months HCFmedia produces a film for a small, mission-driven non-profit our staff members choose – completely for FREE. We do this because we believe in the power of film to help great causes. These films are used primarily in banquet settings, but also in online campaigns.  These films typically help raise around $50,000 for these non-profits each quarter.

Pickford HCFmedia

We’ve got deep roots.

While HCFmedia has only begun in 2017, it is a spin-off of Hand Crank Films, a production company begun in 2005 by HCFmedia founder Max Kaiser. While Hand Crank Films began taking on more and more expensive and complicated jobs, Max realized that the corporate and nonprofit world still needed a great product at a reasonable and clear price – and they needed help in both the process of creating the video, and connecting the video with the right audiences. In all of our hearts at HCFmedia still beats the original mantra of Hand Crank Films to create “simply beautiful” productions that really connect.