Hand Crank Films is a Bellingham and Seattle video production company that provides you with engaging visual content that connects with your audiences. Our work includes commercials, corporate videos, nonprofit fundraising films and long form documentaries. 

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Want to see more films specific to your niche? Select one of the links below.

How Hand Crank Guarantees Engaging Content

How Hand Crank Films Guarantees Engaging Video

Each one of our films incorporates the following elements:


We know every company, service and product has great passion behind it. That’s our goal: to tear the lid off your logo to show that passion in a way that engages viewers and makes them care about your brand as much as you do.


Creating the live wire. We begin every project figuring out ways to make as much of an emotional connection as possible. Emotion that gets you going, gets you thinking, affects change. Maybe it’s excitement, awe, anger or humor – we dial in on what will move the needle and get your audience to take action.


What makes something shareable?  It’s a mix of entertainment and science, getting to know your audience at a level that propels them not only towards online engagement but also earned media coverage. We’ll help consult you along the way to make sure your film hits the mark and becomes something people want to pass along.


At Hand Crank Films, we’re expert at one thing: telling stories. Your stories. Good stories are the great social currency, and it’s what people share. Everyone who works with us is first and foremost an independent story-telling filmmaker, and it’s our job to dig deep and find out what moves you, your audience, and the bottom line.

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