Hand Crank Films' Content Studio

HCF Content Studio

One shoot. One price. One message. Many, many deliverables.

Creative + Technology =
Lean Production

Like Toyota’s lean production process, the heart of the HCF Content Studio is in the combination of creativity, technology, and efficiency. We work to complement agency and in-house marketing teams to provide creativity that will work across many mediums. Then, we take those ideas and blow them up with the RED Epic camera that allows us to output every single frame as a digital print. The end result: multiple deliverables from one shoot you can use across many channels making your ROI on the job better than ever.

Our Process


Together, we collaborate on a strategy to maximize all the deliverables we can get from a single shoot in order to develop a powerful content library.


We direct, shoot, and edit a 3-5 minute film that sits at the center of your advertising campaign (the Flagship Film). Throughout this shoot we create a content library of interviews and iconic brand imagery relating directly to your campaign.


From this content library we are able to create up to 20 unique deliverables with one line-look and one creative theme. These might be drill-down films, commercials, pre-roll, photo blow ups, etc.


We use an advanced tracking system so you can see for yourself who’s watching, where they are watching from, and how long they watched for. This way, you know what’s working – and what’s not.

The Flagship Film

Superfeet | Flagship Film

This is the film that contains all of the heart, humor, and full depth of your campaign. It’s also the most expensive part of the process. Actors, directors, locations- we consolidate it all into just a few days The film is shot with creative that works on many levels, and with a Red Epic camera which shoots 5x the resolution of HD. These two elements are the “secret sauce” which allows us to make so many deliverables out of so few shoot days. The Flagship Film is perfect to lead off your home page, act as the main content of an email campaign, or be the center piece of your presentation.