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Hey, I was checking in on my favorite site for finding out how to get more hits and engagement for our client’s films – www.reelseo.com – and found HCFmedia on the cover page the other day. How cool is that? ReelSEO posted the talk I gave about a month ago about the important of producing content from the heart in order to win over viewers.

What was really unique about this conference was how you saw a groundshift from people talking about the importance of getting “hits” to the importance of getting “engagement”. Engagement is how much time did they actually spend watching the film? And what did they do next? Getting hits these days, we learned, doesn’t actually mean that much. The question is – are you connecting with the right people?

This follows something we’ve been talking to our clients about for sometime: make a film that connects with the right people, not the MOST people. We’ve got plenty of clients that just need a film to hit home with a few key players to make the film production more than worthwhile for them. The trick is to REALLY target your audience at the outset, do everything to understand what they need, and fulfill that. As Henry Ford said (basically) “the key to success in business if figuring out what people want, and giving them that.”

I want to thank Anthony Citrano of Edgecast for intro-ing us very kindly and also a very cool cat, John Weaver of Fanatics Inc who shared the stage with me.



Author: Max Kaiser

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