Fundraising Samples

Want to move the needle so that everyone – including that guy in accounting – is happy? Here’s some case studies:

Overlake Hospital – over $450,000 Raised

The Response

By far, the most powerful fundraising tool we’ve ever made. Much appreciated, Hand Crank Films!



The Seattle Conservatory – over $250,000 Raised

The Response

This film has jumpstarted our $1.5 million fundraising effort. Everybody loves it.


The Seattle Girls School – over $400,000 Raised

The Response

The response to the video has been so positive on so many levels! We truly appreciate the hard work and talent of Hand Crank Films.


The Pickford Film Center – over $500,000 Raised

The Response

This film re-ignited our campaign and allowed us to finish the theater.



This film we did around the theme of tolerance for the non-profit organization CAIR really took off, with over 1 million hits and multiple airing on news shows, including CNN and MSNBC. 


Raise the roof. Contact to learn how.