Emotional Film Connections Score Again for Viral Films

Magnet Media, a bit social house in NYC, recently posted a list of top 5 things most likely to make your film go “viral”.

#1? Emotional Connection!!

Here’s what they said in regards to the recent “First Kiss Campaign” – see the video above…
“1. Human Connection
Does your video provoke a strong emotional response? Eliciting such a response creates the urge to share. First Kiss, a campaign by Wren Clothing, is a perfect example of compelling storytelling about human connection leading to shareability. The video consists of 20 strangers kissing, and has had two million views the morning after it was posted. As of now, it has more than 70 million views altogether (since March 10th!). Sales, by the way, are up nearly 14,000 percent.”

Of course, anyone watching the web knows these also spawned a bunch of knock off films – really funny ones – see my favorite here (FIRST HANDJOB – http://youtu.be/SAnjUhQvGi0 ) and a big controversy about this stuff. But, again, that’s what viral is all about, right? Take a chance – maybe it’ll pay off.

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Author: Max Kaiser